About us

A comprehensive world-class university

A comprehensive world-class university

Sorbonne University, whose campuses are in the heart of Paris, covers all major disciplinary fields and offers new transversal academic and research programs. In 2018, the merger of Paris-Sorbonne and Pierre et Marie Curie universities will transform Sorbonne University into a fully-fledged university with three autonomous faculties: Humanities and Social Sciences, Sciences and Medicine.

Sorbonne University is working with Université de Technologie de Compiègne to define a framework for their integration as the future Engineering School. In the future, Université Panthéon-Assas may also rejoin us as the future Law School. In the coming years, INSEAD, the Museum of Natural History and our other members will be associated ever more closely to Sorbonne University.

By bringing together the best talent in a wide array of disciplines, Sorbonne University offers transversal academic and research programs.




Rethinking the link between education and research

Sorbonne University is inventing new ways to study and teach, including integrating research-based learning at all levels. By renewing teaching methods, Sorbonne University is opening up new ways to gain knowledge in a specific domain as well as acquiring transversal skills. This includes reinforcing cultural and international openness.




With a broad network of partnerships worldwide, Sorbonne University focuses its international activities on strategic alliances and privileged partnerships in targeted regions: Europe, India, China, Brazil and North America, as well as building on established alliances at its international campuses in Singapore and Abu Dhabi.




Invested in the future

Sorbonne University accelerates research with strategic projects that have been awarded funding from France's Investing for the Future initiative.

  • The Initiative of Excellence for the Sorbonne University consortium
  • 15 Laboratories of Excellence
  • 5 Equipment of Excellence
  • 4 Biotechnology & Bioinformatics Projects


Multidimensional research

Sorbonne University member institutions cover an exceptionally broad range of research disciplines. For this reason, they are able to promote scientific and educational developments that lead to original, transversal solutions.

Key Figures

  • 58 800 students, of whom
  • 10 000 are international students
  • 5 200 doctoral candidates
  • 7 700 professor-researchers in
  • 200 laboratories
  • +50 researchers have received European Reasearch Concil grants
  • 45 industry-sponsored research chairs

International openness

Sorbonne University offers new transversal academic and research programs with an integrated approach of internationalization, present throughout all its activities.

International partnerships