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The campus is located in the heart of the historic Latin Quarter of Paris and the two other campuses, Compiegne and Fontainebleau, are only 40 minutes by train.


In the heart of the historic Latin Quarter of Paris: Sciences and Humanities

Located in the heart of the historic Latin Quarter of Paris, the campus includes the Natural History Museum’s botanical gardens. Sorbonne University students are surrounded by the art, fashion and food of one of the most cultured cities of the world. Considered one of Europe’s most livable cities, Paris also has a large number of higher education students.

The country side: North for engineers and South for business studies

Engineering students at Sorbonne University’s Technology University in Compiègne, one of the Top 10 engineering schools in France, will find picturesque villages, and an exceptional range of cultural, recreational and sports activities.

The town of Fontainebleau, home of INSEAD Business School, one of the world's leading and largest graduate business schools, is closely tied to its forest and chateau, housing the kings of France and the court over centuries.

Both campuses are studious and friendly and Paris is only 40 minutes by train.



Sorbonne University OVERSEAS

Sorbonne University has an exceptional network of institutions abroad: in Europe, America, Africa and Asia. With off-shore campuses, mixed international units, international laboratories, representation offices, etc., these institutions come in different forms and allow the university to conduct its international activities in training and research in situ.  

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Student life at Sorbonne University

Have you decided to study at Sorbonne University? What is your student life going to be like in a capital city known as one of the most wonderful cities in the world ? Sorbonne University supports cultural, sporting and society initiatives and helps you prepare for your studies by answering any questions you may have.

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Art, Culture and Sport at Sorbonne University

With 40 sporting activities, 5120m2 of sports facilities, numerous high-quality cultural events, etc., Sorbonne University supports these activities and is strengthening the student and academic community through such activities.

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