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Pierre et Marie Curie University

UPMC: Pierre et Marie Curie University

Excellence in science and medicine

UPMC encompasses all major sciences, including mathematics (4th in the world); chemistry; physics; electronics; computer science; mechanics; Earth, marine and environmental sciences; life sciences; and medicine.


UPMC offers its students a demanding and diverse curriculum organized into 10 bachelor programs, 10 master’s degrees and 16 doctoral schools and has France’s largest library center. It promotes study abroad programs through its international bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs in partnership with prestigious universities worldwide.


Modeling & Engineering

UPMC is one of the premier centers for mathematics worldwide. It also plays a preponderant role in simulation and modeling, robotics technology, the Internet architecture of the future, and the reduction of noise pollution in transportation.

Energy, matter and the Universe

Chemistry is one of the major levers of sustainable development, offering new materials, products that better respect the environment, and less polluting and less energy-intensive processes. A broad range of applications are also developed in the field of nanoscience, astrophysics and quantum physics.

Living Earth & Environment

UPMC’s highly multidisciplinary approach brings together internationally recognized laboratories in the physical chemistry of the Earth; ecology, biodiversity and biology; and atmospheric and oceanographic research.

Life & Healthcare Sciences

In the field of medical and biological research, UPMC associates clinical, translational and fundamental research. This division also set up a network of technology platforms, open to the entire scientific community. Its research includes fields ranging from development and stem cells to the major morbidities associated with aging and organ pathologies.

International Engagement

UPMC’s international strategy is based on the quality of both its research partners and its international degree programs. Twenty percent of UPMC students come from around the world. The University has long-term institutional partnerships with leading universities, business partners, communities and cultural institutions

At a Glance

  • 32,200 students, of whom 20% are foreign students
  • 3,300 doctoral candidates
  • 5,000 staff, of whom 2,500 are professor-researchers
  • N° 1 university in France
  • N° 7 university in Europe
  • N° 5 in the world for mathematics in the Shanghai rankings