UTC: Compiègne University of Technology


UTC: Compiègne University of Technology

An Engineering University

UTC is a multidisciplinary university and engineering school open to the world and economic spheres. It combines an ambitious level of responsibility, an active engagement in its region and international competitiveness. UTC educates engineers and scientists to be forward thinking in technology while controlling the environmental, economic and societal impact. These challenges lead to technological research based on an understanding-doing approach.

Research and pluri-disciplinary challenges

UTC is one of the rare French universities that anticipates industrial, digital cultural and societal changes. Consequently, UTC will be a major player in the ‘battle of ideas’ in the challenge to find solutions to various crises facing today’s world. The University integrates these challenges in its education and research. UTC’s deep understanding of the Man-Technology duality at the heart of all new technological developments and its capacity to address transverse and pluri-disciplinary problems (such as transportation, energy, sustainable cities, health, housing) offer lasting solutions to real-world problems.

Education and entrepreneurship

UTC offers its students a diverse curriculum of six engineering degree, 15 specialized masters and nine doctoral schools. The University’s new Humanities and Technology program educates students to be engineers capable of integrating societal and ecological parameters in the future options and decisions. UTC has satellite courses in Chile, as well as its UTSeuS program in China, in a long-term strategy of including cultural diversities around the world.


UTC’s commitment to Innovation and Entrepreneurship, notably through the Daniel Thomas Innovation Center, includes training engineers to embody the spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation, start-ups and new activities. Its graduates find a job in less than one month and contribute to ensuring that innovation becomes the main driving force in engineering. UTC trains engineers and managers who can both think strategically when faced with the complex problems of today

At a Glance

  • 1,500 one-year internships
  • 5,000 engineering students
  • 300 doctoral candidates
  • 200 start-ups
  • 1 month to find a job
  • 1st Engineering School to have startups
  • In the Top 10 engineering schools in France