A gateway to the behavioral sciences

The behavioral research laboratory founded by INSEAD is becoming the Sorbonne University-INSEAD Multidisciplinary Center for Behavioral Sciences. This platform is now open to all Sorbonne University researchers and doctoral students.

The Multidisciplinary Center for Behavioral Sciences is becoming a shared research tool available to all Sorbonne University researchers, offering new prospects by inviting them to integrate behavioral science into their work. This should foster interdisciplinary cooperation in research at Sorbonne University.

The INSEAD Social Science Research Center is a behavior research platform created by INSEAD in 2002. The center’s teams use its special infrastructure and expertise to conduct research in behavioral science, not only in sectors related to the human and social sciences (such as management and marketing), but also in a wide variety of other fields ranging from material technologies (nanotechnology), IT (robotics, privacy, big data), health (cloning, vaccination), and major societal issues around energy, the environment, and demographics. The range of topics addressed is very broad, offering strong prospects for interdisciplinary research.

Practical information

Scientific resource person: Pierre Chandon
Partner institutions: INSEAD and all Sorbonne University members
Technical managers: Liselott Petterson and Liane Schmidt

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