At Sorbonne University, data support the sciences and humanities

At a time when Big Data is transforming our everyday lives, the Sorbonne University Institute of Scientific Computing and Simulation is creating innovative new tools to help researchers make scientific advances: simulating molecular structures to invent tomorrow’s medications, advancing forensic medicine through digital crano-facial reconstruction, bringing ancient remains back to life virtually, or studying literature through digital technology.

Data tunnel

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A recent study on primate conservation confirms what primatologists have known for a long time: the planet of the apes is on the verge of extinction.

Cranberries, the little red berries from North America, are not effective for curing urinary tract infections. This piece of information is bound to...


“Let’s support the Albert Einsteins and Edwin Hubbles of the 21st Century” This is the fundraising campaign slogan of Lagrange Institute Paris (ILP),...