Beethoven | Méhul | Xu Yi | Tomasi

Join the choir and orchestra together at the Grand Amphithéâtre at the Paris-Sorbonne University on Tuesday March 15

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Tuesday March 15, 2016 | 8:00pm
Grand Amphithéâtre at the Sorbonne


Pre-concert at 7:00pm attended by the composer Xu Yi
Free, registration required


Two works from masters of symphony composing will precede Tomasi’s Fanfares liturgiques (version for soprano, choir, brass and percussion ensembles) so rarely played. The Chant des muses by Xu Yi will be played in a world premiere.


L. v. Beethoven, Egmont (overture) op.84
E.-N. Méhul, Symphony no. 1 in G minor
Xu Yi, Chant des muses (commissioned work)
H. Tomasi, Fanfares liturgiques

Marthe Davost, soprano
Ariel Alonso, choir director
Vincent Barthe, director


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Pre-sales online only: €6 | €13 | €17 (details on the different rates here)
No ticket sales at the door due to increased safety measures.

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