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Open to students and staff, the Inter-university language learning department (SIAL) gives the opportunity for language learning to all thanks to innovative and flexible solutions.

Whether you are an administrator, faculty or instructor-researcher, the SIAL offers you a modular solution that adapts to suit your pace and your needs.


The SIAL’s language resource centers welcome you and offer your tutored instruction. The tutor assesses your level and your needs and helps you to work at your own pace, alone or in a small group, with the help of digital resources. Access is completely free and felxible, with no need to register. You can come during your break times or with the express permission of your department chief if applicable.


If you are an instructor-researcher and you wish to improve your English for the purposes of a sympoisum or conference, the SIAL also offers dedicated English classes with this aim in mind. In small groups, you work on language specific to academics and preparation of your presentations. Classes are held weekly and are free of charge; you can register using the contact form on the SIAL website.


The team at the SIAL hopes to see you all very soon!


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SIAL contacts in the various institutions


Languages department: Jennifer Chaumont and Cédric Brudermann; +336 6022 8502 / +336 7525 3469



Languages/French as a Foreign Language department: Jill Bargiel and Delphine Depoix; +336 6007 0586 / +331 4079 3511



French as a Foreign Language: Anna Le Verger: +333 4423 4616

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