MT180: Meet Sorbonne U’s 16 contenders in the MT180 contest!

For the third consecutive year, Sorbonne University is going to select a candidate to take part in the national final.

Putting doctoral schools in the spotlight, educating PhD students on the basics of communication and communication tools, demonstrating the dynamic nature of French research among its young researchers, etc… Such is the nature of the ‘My thesis in 180 seconds’ competition which is co-organized by the CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research) and the Conference of University Presidents (CPU).

Following local selections, on a Sorbonne University community level, the best candidates will compete against one another in the national final. The three winners will then have the opportunity to compete in the international final.

What is the objective? With three minutes on the clock, and not a second longer, PhD students and graduate PhDs from the current academic year have to produce a clear, concise and, moreover, a convincing presentation on their research project. All of this must be done using a single non-animated slide. This applies to both the Sorbonne University final and the national final.


The challenge has, once again, been taken up by many candidates from Sorbonne University. Sixteen candidates were successful following a selection process conducted on the forty or so registered PhD students. These successful candidates are currently preparing for the competition.

Practical information


The Sorbonne University competition will take place on April 4 in the auditorium at UPMC.  To support the candidates and vote for your favorite to win the Sorbonne University 2016 public choice award, register here


The winner of this competition will proceed to the national final which will take place in June 2016. The international competition will take place in Rabat in September 2016.

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