PhD day event: making the climate my career

As part of their educational activities and to help with professional integration, Sorbonne University’s Collège Doctoral is organizing a monthly ‘career’ or ‘business’ day event for Sorbonne University’s PhD students and new PhD graduates. The next event will take place on November 24th and will be on the subject ‘making the climate my career’. Register!

Presented by journalist, Marie Reinert, and interspersed with testimonials from working doctors, the day will touch upon a doctors’ role in climate-related careers.


Provisionary schedule


  • Introduction: ‘which roles are there for doctors in climate-related careers’ with Frédéric Escartin - (Deputy Education Lead - Climate KIC France)


  • Round table


  • Anne GED - Director - Paris Climate Agency


  • Edith Liegey - General delegate for sustainable development - Perpignan Mediterranean Metropolitan Community


  • Fanny Dufétel-Viste - Representative for sustainable development awareness and awareness raising


Registration is compulsory when clicking on this link

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