Rio 2016: students and high-level athletes

These talented individuals study at Sorbonne University while playing high-level sports. This summer, some will be heading to Brazil for the Rio Olympics, while others will compete in Be the Future of Sports, a competition dedicated to innovation in sports held by SATT Lutech. We’re celebrating this Olympic year with portraits of some of these dedicated students.

visuel rio2016

Undergraduates in computer science and French, and PhD students in biology, they are also high-level athletes. Alongside their studies, they are putting everything they have into earning a ticket to the 2016 Rio Olympics in August, or to compete in Be the Future of Sports this September, a competition to crown the most promising innovative projects to receive support from SATT Lutech. These students all share one thing: degree courses that allow them to arrange their classes around training and competitions, and the mindset of a champion. 

Benjamin Auffret, 10-meter dive champion, second-year undergraduate student in computer science at UPMC

Flora Laugier, multi-hull catamaran champion, PhD student in oceanography and biology at the National Museum of Natural History (MNHN)

Thomas Koenig, archery champion, first-year student in mathematics/computer science/physics/engineering (MIPI) at UPMC

Marie Gayot, track and field champion and fourth-year student in management of innovative projects at UTC

Sarah Fraoura, riding champion, third-year undergraduate student at Paris Sorbonne

Julien Bahain, rowing champion, 2011 graduate in mechanical systems engineering at UTC

Joséphine Jacques-André-Coquin, 2014 fencing champion and master’s student in molecular biology at UPMC

Pierre Bouchilloux, kickboxing champion and first-year undergraduate student in history and geography at Paris-Sorbonne

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