Sorbonne University goes to Mexico with IRD

IRD, a Sorbonne University institution, has already been present in Mexico for many years; now it has made its office there a shared Sorbonne University/IRD space.


The new joint office is located on the campus of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), with which Sorbonne University established a strategic partnership agreement in March 2015.


It officially opened on October 19, 2015 with many distinguished guests in attendance, including François Weil, rector of the Academy of Paris; Araceli Guillaume-Alonso, professor in charge of international relations for Paris-Sorbonne University (who was representing Sorbonne University for the occasion); Alessandro Rizzo, IRD’s representative in Mexico; and Jose Narro Robles, rector of UNAM. 

This office will support the many collaborative efforts currently developing between Sorbonne University and UNAM, both in research and teaching, which focus largely on food, the environment, aging, and cinema. 

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