Student jobs breathe life into the community

Student jobs financed by Sorbonne University give students a financial boost, and were designed as a way to help create the Sorbonne University community. Testimonial

Jobs include tutor in the inter-university language learning department (Sial) and assistant in sports and cultural event planning... Many student jobs are not related to just one institution but to Sorbonne University as a whole. Furthermore, students can work in a different institution from the one in which they are studying. This deliberate policy has a number of advantages. It helps to forge a Sorbonne University community and offers a broader range of opportunities for sudents to find a position that matches their interests or background.


Openness to enriching experiences

Elodie Renou, a biology Master’s student, has been working since March 2014 at the National Museum of Natural History. Her role invoves helping create fact sheets that describe the animal and plant collections on display for the Museum’s website: “I don’t plan to work in this field, I’d like to work in eco-toxicology. However my knowledge of biology is useful and I am learning a great deal - on species classification for example - and this will help me in my future career. It is also very enriching for my overall culture. Before working here I had no idea that a museum was also about managing collections and research. I didn’t know that the Museum was part of Sorbonne University nor about the connection between the Pierre et Marie Curie University (UPMC) and Sorbonne University!”


Camille Tron de Bouchony is a student in the Music management and administration Master’s 2 program at Paris-Sorbonne University, and is working in a position in direct connection with her future career, at Sorbonne University’s Choir and Orchestra (Cosu). “My Master’s degree is training me in logistical and budgetary management of musical structures such as concert halls, musical ensembles and festivals. At Cosu, I am gaining experience in all aspects of management, except that it is in a student environment rather than a professional one. Last year for example, I heped organize the 2014-2015 season concerning the scheduling of rehearsals and concerts, the logistical aspects to ensure that the necessary equipment is in place in the venues, the search for editions to purchase scores and budget evaluation. This summer, I also accompanied the Cosu on tour in Croatia. It’s really interesting and a great professional experience.”


An asset for students as well as recruiters

Justine Furtado Fernandes was able to count her student job as an internship for the purposes of the first year of the European affairs Master’s program at Paris-Sorbonne University. Now in the Master 2 program, she’s been working since March 2014 in the International Relations department of the UPMC: “I help the team oversee student mobility projects submitted by the UPMC as part of European Commission calls for proposals; for example, the Emmag student exchange program between the Maghreb, Egypt and Europe. It completely matches my training. This year I am taking a course on community program financing; my job helps me with the course and vice versa. Working at the UPMC has also enabled me to discover the world of science and a campus life that’s very different from that of Paris-Sorbonne University.”

The recruiting departments also gain a great deal from the exchanges between institutions, which help them to find professional profiles that suit their needs. For the six student jobs that she is offering, the director of International Relations at UPMC, Sabine Lopez, is looking to recruit at Paris-Sorbonne University and particularly in the European Affairs Master’s program: “There is a pool of students with an international background and skilled in languages, who can really support us and to whom we can offer an opportunity to put their knowledge to work I would also like to develop partnerships with the manager of this master’s program. This is what building a community is all about!”

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