The 2016-17 Academic year at Sorbonne University

At the start of another academic year, Sorbonne University invites students to explore the campuses of its member institutions, all the services and associations, which will help them achieve success and have a personal fulfillment throughout their studies. In a fun, musical and sporty atmosphere.


Welcome Week from 6 - 8 September at UPMC


For its 5th edition, the Welcome Week invites students to explore UPMC services and associations in a friendly, fun atmosphere. Take part in the many events over three days, such as video games, demonstrations carried out by UPMC sports associations, a musical blind test, a cooking course, conferences and debates, murder party and concerts etc.

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All for one and one for All for the Cité on September 8 at UTC


The start of the Academic year at UTC focuses on citizenship. For the 4th year running, the All for one and One for all for the Cité (Tous Unis pour la Cité) (TUC) intitiative gets new students involved in various challenges on September 8, for the City of Compiègne and its inhabitants.

This 4th edition celebrates the Grand Prix Armées jeunesse 2016 obtained by the police and the UTC for the “Duty to remembrance” section of the TUC operation. It particularly emphasizes promoting students that have enlisted as reservists, voluntary fire fighters or as volunteers in associations.

The Sorbonnales on October 15 and 21 at Paris-Sorbonne

Since 2009, Paris-Sorbonne University has been celebrating the start of a new academic year with an integration rallye called the “Sorbonnales,” which is open to all students and associations at Sorbonne University.

The seventh edition of the Sorbonnales, flying the Sorbonne University colours, will be held on October 15: 18 teams composed of 10 participants (students, student associations and staff) have to stop at various stalls throughout the Quartier Latin, from the Sorbonne to Jussieu and go through the MNHN.

At the end of the day, participants are invited to a cocktail evening and prize giving ceremony for the first 3 winning teams of a Sorbonnales Trophy.

Les Sorbonnales, also includes the Sorbonne University integration party, organised by six associations at Paris-Sorbonne and UPMC (AXIO, BeIV, Jam Jussieu, Parismus, Radio Paris Sorbonne and TéléSorbonne).

It will be held this year on October 21 at Chalet de la Porte Jaune. What is the theme of the evening? Dreams. 2,000 students are expected to attend.

This year, the winner of the Sorbonne Live music contest, Charlotte & Magon as well as Mofo Party Plan, music group from PSPBB, will perform in the first part of the evening.

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Sorbonne University’s sixth-annual public speaking contest is coming soon

The sixth Sorbonne University PhD Graduation Ceremony will take place on Saturday, June 24, 2017 at the Grand Rex.

Who will take up the torch from Mathieu Buonafine, our 2016 winner?