UTSEUS: 10 years of the largest French engineering school in China

On June 30th last year, UTSEUS, the Sino-European School of Technology of Shanghai University established by the UTBM, UTT and UTC, which are all members of Sorbonne University, celebrated its 10th anniversary.

For this occasion, a delegation from Shanghai University (SHU), lead by its president, Luo Hongjie, made a visit to France. Sorbonne University wishes to consolidate the excellence of its scientific education and research activities in China, a target geographical region, and this anniversary is testament to strong international cooperation. In fact, the figures are significant: more than 600 student engineers from Shanghai University have come to France and more than 450 students from French partner institutions have gone to study at Shanghai University.

Clear examples of the collaboration between Sorbonne University, UTSEUS and Shanghai University

  • Starting from September, Sorbonne University students who received an international mobility grant will be following a new format for exchange semesters which is entitled ‘Language, culture and innovation’. 


  • Implementing the Sciences and Chinese course of study enables students having taken this minor to take part in the winter school in Shanghai at the end of 2014.


  • Sorbonne University and the China Scholarship Council have developed a thesis scholarship scheme, enabling students from Shanghai University and member institutions of Sorbonne University to write a co-tutored thesis.

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