What’s new: the documentation portal has been expanded with UTC, INSEAD and MNHN resources

The integration at the start of the 2016-17 academic year of UTC, INSEAD and MNHN resources, (integration of the catalogue in December 2016) allows Sorbonne University to provide access to 1,800,000 records for students and lecturers and research workers of its community, via a single entry point to the documentation portal, also available on tablets and smartphones.


The documentation portal of Sorbonne University’s libraries is THE key to opening doors for students, researchers and lecturers alike: a single point of access to millions of bibliographical references, scientific articles and reference works in just a few clicks!    

This portal, online since 2015, is one-of-a-kind, enabling students to conduct research outside of their domain of study. This means that an apprentice researcher in biochemistry can access scientific articles on molecular archaeology and a musicology student can expand his or her knowledge of acoustic bioengineering. An ideal tool for when you are working on a disciplinary boundary ‑ the history of science, for example.

#1 Millions of bibliographical references on a single portal


Almost 2 million resources are available on the portal! You will also find works from the libraries’ collections, as well as reviews, theses, articles, archives and digitized museum collections! The list of the main electronic resources can be filtered by institution, type of resource or discipline, as well as subject pathways covering more than 40 disciplines ranging from Arts to Law and Humanities, as well as Economics, Health and Science. 

Also new for the start of the 2016-17 academic year: new acquisitions of electronic resources. For example, two collections of e-books in environmental science (Cairn and Springer), Europresse, etc.

#2 Super, a unified and ultra efficient search engine


Sorbonne University wants to promote interdisciplinarity and international exchanges. The search engine of the ‘SUper’ portal will be your opportunity to explore works by French and international researchers at the 11 member institutions, including Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris-Sorbonne and Compiègne University of Technology.

#3 Sorbonne University in your pocket!


As research itself is mobile, the document platform was designed to be accessible on smartphones and tablets so that students and researchers could make use of it at any time. 

#4 Innovative services to facilitate library searches

No need to go and borrow a work or work alone due to a lack of work rooms Sorbonne University’s portal provides access to all the practical information on its libraries (opening times, location) and provides innovative services, such as the “Affluences” app to avoid long lines.  


#5 “Tips and tricks” to keeping up good habits


Thanks to tutorials available 24/7 via the Biblioguides  platform…:

and Training courses on information literacy in libraries, tailored to researchers’ profiles, 

a serious game, “Hellink,” to learn how to handle scientific and technical information in a fun way. 

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