Technology transfer

A Complete Innovation Chain

Sorbonne University’s technology transfer program develops solutions to big social, medical, environmental, and technical issues in society.

New ways to solve major challenges 

Sorbonne University offers end-to-end support for technology transfer and extends best practices across all its member institutions. 

SATT Lutech works with researchers throughout all the technology transfer steps: detecting inventions and analyzing market needs, intellectual property strategy, proof of concept, supporting the creation of start-ups and negotiating licenses. It also associates companies in the development, piloting or performance of co-maturation projects. 

SATT Lutech has a technology portfolio that includes the following sectors:  Health, Information and communication technology, Chemistry – Materials – Processes, Engineering and services, and Environment and energy. 

Agoranov is a public incubator. With 14 years of experience, Agoranov has a proven track record, offering a secure and friendly environment with access to skills, tools and infrastructure essential to the success and growth of new businesses. Services include business coaching, office space, labs and equipment, adapted training, mentoring, and financial support for the business plan. 

Quadrivium 1 is a multi-sectoral seed fund dedicated to supporting innovation from the University and its partners. Quadrivium 1 finances young companies with high development potential, in amounts ranging from several hundred thousand to several million euros, in the areas of information and communications technology, life sciences and sectors at the crossroads of these broad areas



Sorbonne University supports innovation through an established center at the Compiègne campus and an innovation park in Paris planned for 2019. 

The Daniel Thomas Innovation Centre, located on the Compiègne campus, is a melting pot of creativity, offering research platforms, a FabLab, training and industrial development and technology transfer covering the entire innovation process. As a central gathering place for all the skills and resources needed to generate technical and knowledge innovation, this center includes design and prototype development, fundraising, and the creation of business models. The innovation center combines a broad set of capabilities, including: scientific, technological, artistic, and cultural skills. Projects can originate from businesses, the community, researchers or students and evolve. 




Students are also encouraged to hone their entrepreneurial skills, through career guidance, training in entrepreneurship at INSEAD, and the Sorbonne University PhD-MBA program.

An elite entrepreneurship program on the Fontainebleau campus offers selected students a personalized path: a choice of elective courses, mentoring by professors from various disciplines and coaching from an entrepreneur.


The PEPITE Paris, an innovation, tech transfer and entrepreneurship cluster for students, offers direct contact with businesses throughout the year, with a broad network of partners.The cluster accompanies project leaders, both students and graduates, through entrepreneurship training and certification, coaching, legal and accounting assistance and support for business creation competitions.


The Sorbonne University Business Foundations Certificate is a complement to graduate studies in a different field. The certificate gives a broad set of management and economic skills and a solid base to pursue an advanced management degree, if desired. The certificate is obtained at INSEAD, and the program is open to graduates of all Sorbonne University member institutions.

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