The Sorbonne University doctoral college

Prepare for careers in a variety of roles, from researcher to high-level executive.

The Sorbonne University Doctoral College coordinates the activities of 25 doctoral schools in all areas where cooperation offers valuable insights. The Sorbonne University Doctoral College offers valuable activities to the PhD candidate community, such as organizing training courses and developing a culture of quality, innovation and professional integration. 

Working closely with Sorbonne University’s 25 doctoral schools, the college examines the developments and transformations in PhD programs and has set 5 priorities:

  • to contribute to developing interdisciplinary research by supporting PhD programs;
  • to offer training courses to all Sorbonne University PhD candidates by building on the preexisting measures in the institutions, in particular the Institut de formation doctorale (IFD - Institute for PhD education) at the UPMC
  • to provide dedicated workspaces for PhD candidates within the community, which will enable them to organize joint meetings and seminars and will encourage interdisciplinary collaboration;
  • to contribute to international openness by supporting mobility and linguistic training as well as by implementing co-tutoring as part of strategic international partnerships
  • to help professional integration by promoting information on and networking for all public and private sector opportunities.

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