Finding accomodation in or near Paris

Finding accommodation in Paris and the surrounding areas is not simple...but it is not impossible! Sorbonne University has agreements and partenerships with several insitutions in Paris to offer accomodation opportunities. Here are the main ways to find accommodation in Paris and the areas surrounding the capital.


Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris (CIUP): the campus for Paris universities

With 5800 rooms in 40 properties, the Cité internationale universitaire in Paris is the largest host site for international students and researchers in the Ile-de-France region. 


Registration with a National House:

Candidates must contact the national house of their country (if there is one). For all administrative information (application, schedules...):


Registration with admissions service:

Candidates who are not represented by a national house must contact the admissions service:


The CROUS service: Find accommodation without breaking the bank

The CROUS Paris has around 6000 rooms in almost 70 university residences. Thanks to high-quality amenities, these residences guarantee real comfort for living and studying in Paris. Subject to availability, this accommodation is intended for:

  • those with a scholarship from either the French or a foreign government; 
  • students participating in an inter-university exchange program and Erasmus scheme; 
  • students not in an exchange program.

The CROUS International Service in Paris is dedicated to international students of Parisian higher education institutions: For further information, contact the CROUS Paris’ international student office (Service d’Accueil des Étudiants Internationaux du CROUS de Paris).

Flat and house sharing: a different way to live 

Since 2010, the AFEV association and CROUS Paris have offered students the chance to integrate KAPS, an acronym of ‘Kolocations à Projets Solidaires’ (flat and house sharing solidarity projects). 

The KAPS project offers students the chance to become committed, interdependent residents living in shared accommodation in a poorer district and collectively leading a social development project in the area (promoting social ties, supporting residents’ initiatives and enrolling other students in the district in local solidarity activities).

The principle here is for KAPS students to invest an average of 5 hours of their time per week - 2 hours on a personal activity and 3 hours on a collective activity.

To apply for the KAPS project, complete the registration form available from the KAPS Paris website.


www.locaviz : all accommodation announcements for private or university residences. 

This specialized portal lists nearly 230,000 accommodation offers reserved for students, 80,000 of which come from private owners. This is an advantage for students as, to be selected, landlords have to respect certain rules: minimum surface areas (9 square meters), basic sanitation facilities (showers, toilets, etc.) and deposits capped to two-months’ rent for furnished accommodation and one month for unfurnished accommodation.

Rent guarantee (caution locative) is essential in France, but how does it work? 

Since 2014, the student rent guarantee scheme (caution locative étudiante - CLE/Clé), where the state acts as a guarantor for those students who do not have personal guarantors, enables students to have easier access to accommodation. Managed by the CROUS centers, this scheme guarantees payment to landlords in case of default or damage. Make sure you do not confuse the student rent guarantee (guarantors) with the deposit (a sum of money) given to the landlord at the time the lease is signed as they are both called a ‘caution’ in French. 


Can you make use of the Clé? Yes, if:

  • You have an income but are unable to put down a family member, friend or bank as a guarantor;
  • You are looking to find accommodation in France while you study; 
  • You will be younger than 28 years of age on the 1st September of the year in which you are signing the lease;
  • You will be older than 28 years of age on the 1st September of the year in which you sign the lease, provided that you are a foreign national doctoral or post-doctoral student (with your doctorate obtained within the last six years, holding the position of an untenured researcher within a research unit or laboratory on a fixed-term contract). 

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