Art, Culture and sports

Cultural and sporting activities at Sorbonne University

Sorbonne University encourages cultural and sporting activities which strengthen the student and academic community. In addition to having the main campuses located in the heart of the Latin Quarter of Paris, providing nourishment for all those with cultural appetites, community institutions organize many high-quality cultural events. Sporting activities are offered for students who play a sport for leisure, as well as those who play at a competitive level.

Culture at Sorbonne University: combining science and the arts

From Tchaikovsky, Borodin and Prokofiev to contemporary dance, from Rabelais to mineralogy collections in the French National Museum of Natural History and including the history of relativity, Jean Rouch’s ethnographic cinema or the Roberval Prize of the Technical University of Compiègne which recognizes the best French-speaking works in decrypting technology, Sorbonne University organizes numerous cultural events throughout the year for students on every campus: conferences, meetings, debates, lectures, festivals, shows, concerts, screenings, etc.

A rich cultural agenda for the disciplinary diversity of the campuses.

Sport at Sorbonne University: Mens sana in corpore sano

There are more than 40 sporting activities, 5120 square meters of sports facilities and 175 weekly time slots. To facilitate student access to sports or disabled sports, Sorbonne University’s institutions pool certain equipment and courses so that sports can be practiced freely. 

They also organize many joint events with the highlights being Sorbonne University’s long-distance walk, the Erasmus hike and the sports days called Sportbonnales.

Sporting agenda

Cultural calendars

Agenda for april to june 2016

                 April - June 2016

              January - March 2016

               October - December 2015

               April - June 2015

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