Health insurance and reimbursing health care costs in France

The French health protection system provided by the national health insurance ("Securité sociale") is one of the best in the world. To qualify for student health insurance, students have to be under 28 years of age and be enrolled at an accredited higher education institution for at least 4 months.

European students 

Students coming from one of the 27 member states of the European Union, from the economic European area, or from the Swiss Confederation should apply for the European healthcare card. This card is proof that they have a health insurance in their country. The CEAM (Carte européenne d’assurance maladie) will enable them to be reimbursed for their medical costs in France. Students must ask for this card from the administration in charge of their health insurance in their home country.

Students who have European health insurance, won’t need to take a complementary insurance in France.

Required documents to be reimbursed:

  • A copy of the European healthcard
  • A copy of the student card
  • A copy of the receipt and prescriptions
  • Address in France and date of arrival in France
  • Bank account information or “RIB”
  • Healthcare report sheets


Student Health Insurance

Students under the age of 28 who don't have a European Health Insurance card must pay for health insurance when registering at Sorbonne University.

If they want, students with health issues can also sign up for complementary insurance in order to have additional coverage for particularly costly healthcare needs.

Sorbonne University’s preventive medical service: At the service of all students

At Sorbonne University, improving students’ living conditions begins with the effective consideration of their health needs.

The inter-university service for preventive medicine and the promotion of health (Service interuniversitaire de médecine préventive et de promotion de la santé, SIUMPPS) is open to all students (including international students) in the community in order to:

  • ensure students’ health is better supported, 
  • develop preventive measures and health education, 
  • promote the integration of disabled students.

Sorbonne University’s multidisciplinary preventive medicine team (nurses, doctors, psychologists, social workers and administrators) receive students all in one location.

Disability representatives are also available to students through personal appointments and specific awareness campaigns. website to answer any health questions

Are you worried about the state of your health, need an emergency consultation, have doubts about your lifestyle, questions about your social life or other concerns about your future?

Dedicated to the students of Sorbonne University, the website makes it possible to get an appointment with a medical team quickly, review vaccinations, medical certificates and social aid, have access to practical information sheets, and more.

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